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[split] Text files (was: Java 10 problem) - joelfr70 - 08.07.2018

A similar problem with the last version 2.23.6 when I read gpx on my phone or on my PC with "GPX Wiever". I try to explan :
step first : trace1 : one my phone give the good trace (track) and a false route with a lot of point every where in the same time .
step two : I copie list of point trace1 from Route Converter on txt file and save it
step three : I read txt file with RouteConverter >>>globus file
step four : I save trace11 on my disk like gpx1
step five : I copie trace11 on my phone and read it with GPX Wiever ===egal very correct route.. It the same think on my PC with GPX wiever

( I try a lot of think who don't work, like : save trace1 on way point and with GPX Wiever i have a list of point and a false route at the same time, on my PC it the same think with GPX wiever, but not with RouteConverter (if trace1 is create with RouteConverter, if not it's the same probleme with RouteConverter)).

RE: Java 10 problem - joelfr70 - 09.07.2018

A same problem today I realize some copy screen : How can I join copy screen and explanations.

I try to explane with word only. I keep a trace and return it, after I verify the list of point and I see some Strange coordinate (name of road is not the good or not the nearest road) of point.

1) The points on the map are on the right place, but the name are n't good
2) I use in the menu : point / add / coordinates / The map became wrong and the point change of place. The name of the point in the list of point don't change (Strange is Strange)
3) I erase 2 points with strange name the Don't become good, I need to erase the fours point I ask about coordinate. After is good.

I you need copy screen ask me.

RE: Java 10 problem - joelfr70 - 09.07.2018

A new cause of the problem ? Before RC 2_23_6 the coordinate was two (2) commas, now the coordinates are three (3) commas. It seem very different for the data base ? only the coordinate with 2 commas change the map if I use : point/add/coordinate

RE: Java 10 problem - joelfr70 - 09.07.2018

A other way better explain than a old post :
1) I copy list of point in TXT, when I copy comma became semicolon
2) I read list of point txt with RC, then read like glopus like map of point
3) I change list of way point > to track
3) I save like gpx 1.1 then semicolon dont become comma
4) I use menu : point / add/coordinate = then no error, no modification of the map
5) I reload the trace and I used point / add/ coordinate = then if only 2 semicolons (coordinate) they are problem, if 3 semicolons they are no problem
please look for this thing 2 or 3 ?

RE: Java 10 problem - joelfr70 - 09.07.2018

LOOK : a test 3 lignes of list way point thirts is good, second is false, Third is good
That change is only the thirst comma and the thirst semicolon after the point number 0011/ 0012 / 0013
note please, when I make a copy of my screen, the comma I speak, change in semicolon. I modify to show what I read on my screen
and also the coordinates are not at that place , but I think it's normal

47.2717309,5.5603618, 0011 D 112; 39290 Dammartin-Marpain; Bourgogne-Franche-Comté; France
47.2627761,5.5448480, 0012 D 112, 39290 Dammartin-Marpain; Bourgogne-Franche-Comté; France
47.2728454,5.5565243, 0013 D 112; 39290 Dammartin-Marpain; Bourgogne-Franche-Comté; France

RE: [split] Text files (was: Java 10 problem) - routeconverter - 13.07.2018

Dear Joel,

I don't understand how I could help here. It started with problems with the map and now you're posting something about text files.