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offline edition not routing - willemb2 - 25.07.2018

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(25.07.2018, 12:05)routeconverter Wrote:
(24.07.2018, 16:11)willemb2 Wrote: Normally I only use RC with tracks that I created elsewhere, but I checked this and routing does not work here either. Screenshot:!AgGIIJ5IH2YchHyp8bpAyVp1n5Jc

I don't see any download for routing data which should be somewhere in the list. Please send me the file and I'll check if I can reproduce it here.

See attachment. It's just 2 points. This is how it looks in RouteConverter online edition (borrowing your 2.21 API key):!AgGIIJ5IH2YchH1oKJt7p3WWpvF6

RE: offline edition not routing - willemb2 - 25.07.2018

I just found that it works fine if I go to Extras > Options > Routing and select BRoutes or Grasshopper as routing service instead of Beeline.

More good news: the offline edition doesn't seem to have a problem with Java 10 and Windows display scaling settings other than 100%.