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Invalid xmlns:gpxx attribute
I've had trouble uploading GPX files to the RunKeeper app.

it appears that RouteConverter is inserting an invalid URL in the xmlns:gpxx attribute of the gpx tag:

The track was created by my Foretrex 301.
I opened it in RouteConverter and a) deleted a spurious track and b0 deleted spurious trackpoints from the remaining track.
I then saved the file.
Although RunKeeper was happy with the original file is said the revised file was invalid. Both files test OK with SAXCount.

After a bit of poking about in the two files I noticed that the original text in the xmlns:gpxx attribute, "http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/GpxExtensions/v3" had been replaced by "http://www.garmin.com/xmlschemas/WaypointExtension/v1"

This seems to be incorrect as the gpxx attribute should (as far as I can see) point to the overall schema extensions directory, not an individual extension schema.

Reverting the text of this attribute to the original fixes the problem.

The file exported by the Foretrex and the file exported by RouteConverter are attached.

Attached Files
.gpx   Current_20150617_original.gpx (Size: 48.15 KB / Downloads: 743)
.gpx   Current_20150617_rteconv.gpx (Size: 94.66 KB / Downloads: 696)

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