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Autorange Y-Axis don't work as expected [Solved]
(08.09.2016, 13:14)V.V.V. Wrote: Autorange Y-Axis don't work as expected (nor "Both Axes" or with "Range Axe").

Unfortunately, your zoom-in-as-much-as-possible is not the default behaviour that the JFreeChart library offers with the Autorange actions. I could have removed it but since it's useful to some people I've kept it. Reimplementing is not an option, have a look at the code and you know, what I mean.

(08.09.2016, 13:14)V.V.V. Wrote: When I click Autorange "Both Axes" or "Range Axe" I expect the chart between (more or less) this values but I always get the chart starting in 0m so it lose "the perspective".

Autorange currently means: range from 0 to the largest value.

(08.09.2016, 13:14)V.V.V. Wrote: I've been watching this for several versions.
¿have I do any change in RouteConverter parameters? ¿Does not work this function with gpx tracks?

This has always been like this.

(08.09.2016, 13:14)V.V.V. Wrote: Thank you very much for your very good program, best in class.

Thank you :-)

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