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CSV to GPX conversion
(18.10.2016, 21:58)routeconverter Wrote:
(14.10.2016, 04:31)RayL Wrote: I've just returned from a long trip having used Columbus V990 to track where I've been. I want to convert all the files to gpx. Routeconverter worked perfectly for almost all of the csv files - thanks!. However for 2 files it could not recognise the type of file. I've looked through the forum and found no help there.

Dear Ray,

the two files contain lines where the speed information is garbled. It contains Null bytes between the digits.

I've just uploaded a new prerelease of RouteConverter which reads these files here. Please test and report!
Hi Christian
Sorry for being soooo slow is getting back to you. Version 2.19 read the files and works perfectly.

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