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Stability issue
(13.04.2018, 10:33)janwalker Wrote: The release of 2.23 surprises me a bit: one of the new features is "removes the Eclipse SWT based map".

This should be surprising. Since release 2.14 I've working towards getting rid of Eclipse SWT. It started with Apple stopping the Java development and Oracle taking over - since Java 7 Eclipse SWT wasn't usable on Mac OS X and I guess it will never be. Then Java 7 Update 40 integrated Java FX into all releases of Oracle VMs. Since a while JavaFX is the default on Windows and since 2.23 on Linux, too.

For RouteConverter, Eclipse SWT and DJNative Swing as the library to embed it are a dead end and won't come back.

(13.04.2018, 10:33)janwalker Wrote: Some months ago, I had quite some stability problems with the Java-based maps (RC crashed every 5 minutesd or so). Changing maps to Eclipse SWT made Routeconverter 100% stable again. I hope Eclipse will return in a next release, or the Java problem be solved...until then no update?  

See your other thread for an explanation: https://forum.routeconverter.com/thread-2481.html

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