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zoom buttons/icons/dropdown/getsures
Dear all,

I use RouteConverter on a Win 10 detachable with touch diaplay and would like to easily change the zoom level using touch. Did I simply not recognize such a feature or is it not yet existing?

What I looked for respectively ideas how it could be done
  • the 2 finger pinch gesture did not work
  • a button/icon, just like in https://www.openstreetmap.org/ within the desktop browser
  • the zoom level top left of the map may be turend into a dropdown menu instead a disabled text field
  • the scale at lower left of the map may become interactive, e.g. a slider may open upon tpping it, just ¬†like in Android App Locus after long press of + or -
  • All of this could be active by default or by default be active when touch is available or may have to be enabled in the options.
Current workaround is to display the virtual keyboard, thus reducing the available display space for RC and especially the map, and then switching to numeric keyboard tab, tapping strg, then tapping + or -. This is quite cumbersome compared to mouse wheel or physical keyboard interaction schemes.

Why do I want to use touch? In general, I got used to this interaction channel for browsing (not entering) information. More specific, I often have no other device than the touch display. For example when I am on tour, I often take only the tablet part along - saving the weight & volume of keyboard, mouse etc. Similar, I use only the tablet part when planning or reviewing a tour on the couch as I can hold it in any angle.

Best regards, Georg

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zoom buttons/icons/dropdown/getsures - by schoschi - 09.06.2018, 16:13

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