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Duration values
There are actually two values I need to see, where it now says Duration. Duration is elapsed time from the beginning of the first of the several files that may be combined via import and the ending of the last of those files. That is, in effect, the elapsed time, start to finish.

The second value, which I also need to see, is the Travel Time. When all of the 0 meter traveled positions have been removed, there remains the positions were movement occurred. In the case of my ASUS R300, the elapsed time might be 21:54:52 but the travel time, with the GPS recording one position per second, is 28557 positions, after those 0 movement positions have been removed. There are 86,400 seconds in a day, so the travel time is 07:55:57 and in this case that means that the average speed for the trip while the car was actually in motion was 81.5 km/h, since the total distance shown is 646.7 km.

That computation of average speed is also easy for the program to do IF it removes the no movement time from the total elapsed time, and again it would be a nice to have the item show 646.7 km @ 81.5 km/h average speed, which is based on the precise math I did above... Total distance divided by traveling time provides the average speed.

Is any of this reasonable to expect out of the program, and if so, when might it be available?

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