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Program hangs up... or does not complete task in reasonable time
(02.07.2009, 17:11)RsH Wrote: The program seems to produce something like Rt522, PA 17234 as the postal address, with or without address numbers... or 1-820 Highland Street, PA 17324 as the postal address, and Chambersburg or Orsonia Or Rockhill as the location. So the CITY is not included in the postal address, but in the populated place.

That's funny since the postal address is something that I fetch from Google's APIs without any further processing. In Europe it seems to include the location, so I cannot simply add it to the postal address.

(02.07.2009, 17:11)RsH Wrote: In Canada, where I live, the postal address might be 1-39 Elmhurst Avenue, Toronto, ON and the location might be Lansing, which is the place name historically used inside Toronto, so the location is much narrower than Toronto, which sprawls over something like 45 by 15 kilometers of geographic space. Lansing would all be withing one kilometer of my front door <grin>...

Doesn't make sense then to bake postal address and populated place together, doesn't it?

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