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RouteConverter 1.28 distance calculation
(15.07.2009, 22:08)wtold Wrote: I guess the main problem is a lack of 64-bit jdic for my Ubuntu 9.04 running on a dual amd64 (is there really such a thing as "linux/amd64/jdic.so"?)

No, the JDIC project is dead. I couldn't compile it on my Ubuntu 9.04 32-bit.

(15.07.2009, 22:08)wtold Wrote: , but I am not sure about the other errors.

/bin/chmod: changing permissions of `/usr/bin/gpsbabel': Operation not permitted

is to make the life of Mac OS X users easier as that version contains an embedded gpsbabel.

(15.07.2009, 22:08)wtold Wrote: Any clues?
PS I haven't found out yet why the distance calculations differ from my GPS, that is next on my plate!

Search for the class Bearing.

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