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... the user friendly GPS tool

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Merging tracks
You have a good point; keeping the current interface as simple as possible, it might not be possible to implement.

I was playing around in Microsoft Visual Studio and came across a UI element called Tree View that (at least in my estimation) might make it possible, provided Java has something similar and you don't think it would make the interface too complicated.

I've attached a quick little mock-up of my ideas. It seems using check boxes it would be possible to view all the tracks within a file and perhaps even multiple files in a hierarchal list and toggle which were visible. The position list could then be updated with the title of each separate list maybe grayed out at the beginning of where that list started. One problem that I can see with this approach is the need for right-click context menus, which I've noticed you have stayed away from (or is it that Java doesn't really like them?). With context menus it would be possible to move all five list-editing buttons into the right-click list and free up some more space, at the cost of having an extra click to access them.

Anyways, just some ideas. Let me know what you think. I don't mind having to save individual tracks and merge them, I just thought it would be neat to have it all at once.

Again, thanks for the great program Smile


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