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Merging tracks
onomou Wrote:One problem that I can see with this approach is the need for right-click context menus, which I've noticed you have stayed away from (or is it that Java doesn't really like them?).

Actually I've just stayed away from them (just like a menu bar) since I've seen lots of times that unexperienced users where searching for buttons they can click on right away first.

onomou Wrote:With context menus it would be possible to move all five list-editing buttons into the right-click list and free up some more space, at the cost of having an extra click to access them.

That might be an option to solve the problem of limited space on the screen and increasing functionality: The functions for accessing geonames.org on the second tab are pretty lame and not very intuitive. Moving them to the first tab would be nice.

And then there is the request for columns other than the four predefined ones which show speed, direction etc. which I cannot solve by simply adding new columns due to the limited space on the screen.

I guess I have to go for context menus.

onomou Wrote:Anyways, just some ideas. Let me know what you think. I don't mind having to save individual tracks and merge them, I just thought it would be neat to have it all at once.

After my last tour through the Alps I had the same problem. And more and more people are asking for it.

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