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Merging tracks
(17.09.2008, 15:41)routeconverter Wrote:
onomou Wrote:First off, thank you for the great program. It is becoming an indispensable tool for me.

Hi Steven,

that's great to hear.

onomou Wrote:Is there any way to merge two or more tracks inside a .gpx file?

No. I don't know how to solve this with a simple user interface.

onomou Wrote:I figured out how to merge two actual files but can't find an option to do it internally.

That's the workaround I'm using: Put the tracks to merge into files. Then adding them to one file containing all tracks. Works nicely by dragging and dropping Wink

onomou Wrote:I can merge the tracks in MapSource, but I am hoping it is possible in RouteConverter (I like its interface a whole lot more than MapSource) to do the same thing.

If we find a way to include this feature without making the UI more complicated, adding buttons... Do you have an idea?

I did it all the time. thats why i still use routeconverter 1.24. when I have different trackfiles I open the first track in routeconverter and then open the second track using the right button in the button row under the typeindication.you can do this several times. The moment you open the next file don't see anything happen on the map, but the positions are already in the list. What i do next is change frm track to route or waypoints and then back to track. And ther is your track. Works great, but its a pitty the button is lost in the latest version of routeconvertor

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