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Merging tracks
(21.05.2009, 08:47)routeconverter Wrote:
(21.05.2009, 07:42)erikcolin Wrote: I did it all the time. thats why i still use routeconverter 1.24. when I have different trackfiles I open the first track in routeconverter and then open the second track using the right button in the button row under the typeindication.you can do this several times. The moment you open the next file don't see anything happen on the map, but the positions are already in the list. What i do next is change frm track to route or waypoints and then back to track. And ther is your track. Works great, but its a pitty the button is lost in the latest version of routeconvertor

Hi erikcolin,

you may safely upgrade: The button plus some extra functionality has moved to a context menu.

If you click on the table head you can make more columns of the table visible.

A click on the positions in the table offers you options to split and merge position lists and enrich positions with elevation, location and speed data.

I hope this helps you?

Great thanks a lot! I enjoy your program very much!I use it for walking and biking together with my forerunner 305. Much more fun than before!Cool

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