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Converting to ADm file format for Gamin

I tried to send this info via email to support@routeconverter.de but it kept getting rejected so I am posting here.

Garmin apparently supports another file format for it’s fixed mount GPS chartplotters that are frequently used for recreational boating here in the US. I have the GPSMAP 540 which has the ability to load Routes, Waypoints and Tracks from an SD card into the gps unit. I am able to convert Google Earth files into .gpx and Garmin .gdb files but they do not load into the GPS. Garmin has told me that you need the .ADM file for this.

What’s odd is that when using Trip and Waypoint Manager from Garmin it creates folders on the SD card like this


In the UserData folder it places the ADM file and in the GPX folder it places a GPX file. I will be on my boat tomorrow to test this out but I am wondering if it would be possible for RouteConverter to produce the ADM file which would save me the step of having to run Garmin’s Trip and Waypoint Manager software?


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Converting to ADm file format for Gamin - by waclark57 - 08.06.2009, 01:42

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