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Bug in duration shown for my tracks
I just downloaded 1.27.10 to check the latest pre-release, and loaded a small file to verify the problem.

Duration shows as 18:00:00 before I load the file. When I load the file that switches to 19:32:21 BUT the actual start time is 10:37:20PM and the actual finish time is 12:09:41AM the next morning, or 01:32:21 later. If the 18:00:00 is removed the elasped time is correct, but where that 18:00:00 comes from I know not, and THAT is the bug. All yours, Christian.

I also switched my machine's time display from AM/PM to 24 hour clock via the hh to HH change, using Windows settings, and it makes no difference within Route Converter, where it still shows the AM and PM <grin> so it is not machine setting dependent... That is just for the record...[attachment=205]

Incidentally I tried to add the postal address information just now and nothing connected or downloaded. However I had no problem with the location [Springville] or the Elevation. Those both downloaded. Is there something broken re downloading the postal addresses?

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Bug in duration shown for my tracks - by RsH - 02.07.2009, 16:38

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