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Bug in duration shown for my tracks
(02.07.2009, 16:38)RsH Wrote: I just downloaded 1.27.10 to check the latest pre-release, and loaded a small file to verify the problem.

Duration shows as 18:00:00 before I load the file. When I load the file that switches to 19:32:21

Here it's 01:32:21. You obviously have an 18 hour offset. `Just a guess: Do you live in a timezone that's GMT-6?

(02.07.2009, 16:38)RsH Wrote: BUT the actual start time is 10:37:20PM and the actual finish time is 12:09:41AM the next morning, or 01:32:21 later. If the 18:00:00 is removed the elasped time is correct, but where that 18:00:00 comes from I know not, and THAT is the bug. All yours, Christian.

Well, if I knew what's different on your machine...

(02.07.2009, 16:38)RsH Wrote: I also switched my machine's time display from AM/PM to 24 hour clock via the hh to HH change, using Windows settings, and it makes no difference within Route Converter, where it still shows the AM and PM <grin> so it is not machine setting dependent... That is just for the record...

According to the Java docs, it's depending on the locale settings. You can control that with the language chooser in the misc tab.

(02.07.2009, 16:38)RsH Wrote: Incidentally I tried to add the postal address information just now and nothing connected or downloaded. However I had no problem with the location [Springville] or the Elevation. Those both downloaded. Is there something broken re downloading the postal addresses?

Maybe Google did some maintenance?

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