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Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour
(06.05.2015, 23:23)Stanmannus Wrote: Hey Lorry and others, I have a Bushnell Bactrack that wont upload the files from the handheld unit. The unit has an autorun that runs "[autorun]
shellexecute=Upload files.btk" but I dont see an "Upload Files.btk' on the the device. I'm thinking my antivirus software ripped it out. Can some kind stranger help a guy out & post a copy here?

please advise,

Sorry i didn't intend to hijack the tread, I didn't know what else to do. seemed to have all the right people in the right place.

Have you problem solved yet? I can upload a "Upload files.btk" if you still need it.
I am guessing that Upload Files.btk would be re-created on the GPS if you record a new trip.

Yesterday at the Salvation Army I picked this unit up for $1.86. It even had batteries. Probably the lowest recorded sale price for this GPS to date. I was disappointed about not being able to view the lat/lon of stored waypoints, or to add waypoints by lat/lon. I appreciate the code snippets for decoding the files. That's got me going now.

Previous owner had a few recorded waypoints ~271 miles NNW of me. Somewhere near Iron Mountain, MI based on the arrow, but now I'm gonna decode and find somebody's tree stand hiding place.

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