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How to create a readable file from a list of coordinates?
I have a list of coordinates in decimal form, like:
52.2736633 6.0597217 SomeText

Such a position is searchable in google maps and will give me the right point.
I'd like to be able to view the list of points in RouteConverter but I dont know what format to use.

Is there a simple file format I can convert these into that would be readable by RouteConverter? Preferably with comments allowed.

I tried using this format, but for some reason the positions there end up wrong.
$GPWPL,05227.36633,N,00605.97217,E,SomeText *77

three files are attached in a zipped archive. All contain your example position near Deventer and Apeldoorn.

.zip   test.zip (Size: 7.66 KB / Downloads: 636)

test.xlsx can be opened with MS Excel. It is a template with your data.
The 1st line is a description line. The 2nd line contains your data in different columns.
Some columns contain just commas. They are required as separators for a later step.

Fill in additional lines. Then mark the whole sheet, copy it with into the clipboard [Ctrl-C ], open a editor and paste [Ctrl-V] the clipboard into the editor. Save the whole stuff from the editor in pure text format. The resulting file test.txt is attached. The data in this file are arranged in a 'comma separated' format. RouteConverter will detect it as 'Columbus V900 Professional (*.csv)' when it is opened or drag&dropped into the position list.

--- alternate solution --

test.itn is attached as a alternative solution. Open it with a editor.
The vertical line [|] acts as separator and lat/long have no decimal point.
You should be able to identify the system behind the *.itn format.

RC will detect both test.txt and test.itn when they are drag&dropp'ed into the position list.

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