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Incorrect elevation in ft

I'm wondering if this is a bug or user error. The elevation (in ft.) in my routes that I'm plotting are incorrect. The Elevation Service I was using was by default Jonathan De Ferranti DEM 1 - this did not show any elevation when I started (RouteCoverter Online Ed. 2.13.4). I switched to NASA SRTM 1 (I also tried Google Maps and EarthTools) and only after I moved a waypoint (I had to move each one manually to get a full elevation plot) would it show an elevation. Unfortunately the elevation it shows is incorrect - my first waypoint is in Laramie, WY (US) which is 7,165 ft. (+/-) but the waypoint shows it as being 2183 ft.

Any ideas?

(07.04.2015, 16:51)randy.randerson Wrote: Any ideas?

Sorry, I could not reproduce the bug. Please give me a step-by-step description how I could reproduce it.
This is a conversion bug - see http://forum.routeconverter.com/thread-2250.html. 7162 feet is 2183 metres.
Correct, I'm working on it and will announce a fix in http://forum.routeconverter.com/thread-2250.html

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