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use route converter for map calibration
Hi again,

i have a (little) problem ...

netbeans says "form file format not recognized"

What are you using to develop routeconverter ? Eclipse ?

Thank you
routeconverter Wrote:Can you program?

Ouch ! just discovered "Ant" and "Maven" Shy

batch script launchers like C "make" to build the project and link libraries .... sorry but my friend who knows java never heard of "Ants & maven" ...

[/joke mode] soon i'll discover i have to install unix to run shell scripts [/Joke off] Wink

well it's your choise ... but i'm affraid it'll make it even more difficult for me ...

i'm alone again ... Sad
as a hint: check the README in the root directory. Does this help building?
wchris Wrote:netbeans says "form file format not recognized"

For the build/RouteConverter.ipr? That an IntelliJ IDEA project file.

wchris Wrote:What are you using to develop routeconverter ? Eclipse ?

IntelliJ IDEA. But if you have a working Eclipse or Netbeans file: Send it to me I'll check it in - or I give you write access to the repository.
wchris Wrote:i'm alone again ... Sad

It's very easy:
routeconverter Wrote:It's very easy:

Thank you, i'll try
have a nice weekend

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