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Deleting Duplicates
Hi all, new here.  I'm converting google maps KML custom routes into TRP files for use in CoPilot.  Everything has gone smoothly so far, but I've found the need to reduce my number of positions/waypoints due to importing from KML, but I'm having some trouble.  When I import a KML file it comes with 2 "position lists".  One is a standard google route (not mine) with only two waypoints (beginning and end); this just seems like the native original map route.  The other "position list" is my custom route (nearly identical but with a few mods) that consists of ~4000 positions, each of which is a way point.  In order to get these routes to work in Copilot I have to reduce the number of positions, or basically retrace the entire route from the original.

So my issue is how exactly do I reduce the number of positions?  In each position list I have all 3 types, waypoints, route, and track.  Regardless of which I select, when I open the "Delete duplicate positions" tab and select either of the three options, I can't manage to select/reduce ANY of the waypoints.  Do I have to select a specific area on the map, or is there some appropriate sequence?  When I open the tab there are "0 positions selected", if I select the "all positions within a distance", or "algorithm", or each Xth position, and click "select", no positions actually become selected.  I've tried modifying numbers, and distances, etc, but literally cannot get this feature to work.  All help is greatly appreciated.  Without this feature I'll basically have to retrace each custom route to get the TRP file into Copilot.
Got it. Not sure why it wouldn't work before. Now I can select "track", convert to route, then that deletes many of the positions. After that all 3 of the "delete positions" functions work properly. Thanks for a great product!
Please have a look at Position/Delete Duplication Positions...

It offers a dialog with a lot more options to reduce the number of positions.

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