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Google Maps does not show in windows XP
aristide Wrote:This is really a problem of my PC.

Looks like that.

aristide Wrote:It is no longer possible to exit Routeconverter.
I need to hit "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to stop the task.
It seems it is a Java error.

I would not second that, it's more likely a problem of your PC or a problem I didn't understand yet.

aristide Wrote:I disintalled Java. I manually deleted the java directory. I cleaned the register. But the problem is still there.

Which excludes Java for me from the list of likely problem sources.
kumo Wrote:@Christian: You wrote this in the german section http://www.routeconverter.de/forum/showt...php?tid=29, a long time ago. Is this still valid?

kumo Wrote:
routeconverter Wrote:Cool tip!
Yep, but it didn't work Sad

It didn't work? What was the effect?
aristide Wrote:Yes I can reach GoogleMaps and log-in into my account with IE.

Try to clear your temp directory
C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\<put your username here>\Lokale Einstellungen\Temp\

A tool like CCleaner might be handy for this.
Hi, all of you.

All my temp directories are empty now, I sent 2 Mo of rubbish to the dustbin, but the problem is still there.

I will do as I am used to: I will save the data, erase the system disk and install a new Windows

Thank you for you help. Routeconverter is a beautiful piece of software, very helpful.

Best wishes.
Hi aristide,

good luck with your radical approach!

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