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Pop-Up "Using proxy HTTP"
Hello everyone,

I am a new user of RouteConverter, and first thank you for this software and its quality.

I have however a problem with the systematic display of popup "Using proxy HTTP" at startup and each change of the route.
Context :
Linux Centos 7
RouteConverter 2.19 20161227
Options :
  • Google Maps Server : International
  • Map view : Eclipse SWT

Screenshot : [Image: Capture%20du%202017-03-31%2017-37-05.png?dl=0]

Is there a way to prevent this from being displayed?

Thank you and sorry for my poor English
Did you try the JavaFX based map?

I have the same result with JavaFX ...

Version rpm : Oracle jdk : jdk-8u131-linux-x64

Then you should have a look at the HTTP Proxy setup - what's the configuration on your machine?
Hi Christian,

The configuration is of the type:
10.154.nn.nn port 8080 for all protocols

The application works perfectly, the map is displayed as well as the route.
Simply I have systematically several "informative" pop-up messages
For example,
Using HTTP Proxy @ 10.154.nn.nn: 8080 for https://api.routeconverter.com/v1/tilese...format=xml
Using HTTP Proxy @ 10.154.nn.nn: 8080 for http://www.routeconverter.com/feedback/update-check
Using HTTP Proxy @ 10.154.nn.nn: 8080 for https://api.routeconverter.com/v1/editio...format=xml
Etc ...
I can access these url's without problem.

And this has every modification (addition or deletion of a step).

Hi Franck,

RouteConverter is actually 2 processes: 1 for the Java application and 1 for the webbrowser for the map. It looks as if the proxy settings only affect the Java application and not the webbrowser. The webbrowser tries to fetch the Google Maps API from https://maps.googleapis.com and does it's subsequent calls to the Google infrastructure. Could this be the source of the popups?
Hi Christian,

I think I have found the origin of the problem.

Package slash.navigation.rest :

In the "HttpResponse" method of the "HttpRequest" class, there is a call to open a pop-up "JOptionPane.showMessageDialog..." that resembles a debug rest  :

protected HttpResponse execute() throws IOException {
        Proxy proxy = findProxy(method.getURI());
        if(proxy != NO_PROXY && !proxy.type().equals(DIRECT)) {
            SocketAddress address = proxy.address();
            if(address instanceof InetSocketAddress) {
                InetSocketAddress inetSocketAddress = (InetSocketAddress) address;
                requestConfigBuilder.setProxy(new HttpHost(inetSocketAddress.getHostName(), inetSocketAddress.getPort()));
                log.info(format("Using proxy %s for %s", proxy.toString(), method.getURI()));
               JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, format("Using proxy %s for %s", proxy.toString(), method.getURI()));

The previous line seems sufficient to feed the log file :

log.info(format("Using proxy %s for %s", proxy.toString(), method.getURI()));

I was partially tested by removing the line "JOptionPane.showMessageDialog..." the pop-up no longer appears.

What do you think of my analysis?


(28.04.2017, 12:57)efel Wrote: What do you think of my analysis?

Dear Franck,

you're a hero. Thank you very much for pointing to this embarassing error. It was introduced in August 2016 and part of the 2.19 release, so I guess not many people use proxies.

Anyway, I've remove the line and uploaded a new prelease.
Hallo Christian,
habe diesen Thread eben gefunden und möchte wissen, ob das Problem mit dem Firmen-Proxy-Server damit als erkannt und ggf. auch im nächsten Release (2.21) als gelöst betrachtet werden kann?

Ich habe nämlich auch das Problem, dass der RouteConverter auf meinen Firmenrechner zu Hause problemlos funktioniert, aber in der Firma an der Firewall scheitert (die Karte wird nicht angezeigt - siehe Anhang.
Auf dem Laptop ist aktuell noch der 2.19 RouteConverter installiert.

Ich werde heute Abend mal den 2.20 installieren und schauen, was geht. Zusätzlich schaue ich mir die aktuelle RouteConverterPrereleaseWindows.exe mal an, vielelicht klappt es ja damit schon.

mfg Martin

P.S.: Ich musste mein Passwort neu beantragen, kein Problem. Ein Problem ist aber, dass ich im Moment nicht finde, wo ich im eigenen Profil das gesendete Passwort durch ein gewünschten Passwort ersetzen kann. Suche ich vielleicht an der falschen Stelle?

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Garmin Zumo 396
Moin Martin,

klicke in deiner Profilansicht (dein zweiter Screenshot) mal oben links auf 'Benutzer-CP'.

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