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CoPilot 10 .trp location
I previously used iMazing to copy all my RC prepared routes to CoPilot on an iPhone. But when trying to look at CoPilot 10's files, the directory structure has changed a bit and where I expected to see the .trp files of routes already there, I can find nothing.

Anyone any idea where CoPilot 10 stores its .trp files and how to copy new ones to the iPhone?
Despite not being able to find the existing .trp files, I loaded the new ones into .../EU/Save as before (even though path has altered) and sure enough, when in CoPilot and I try to load a trip, there they all are - and the other ones that were already there, yet don't exist in that folder.

So where is CoPilot 10 storing the trip files you create within CoPilot? These would presumably be in the new slightly different format, but are they in some way invisible, or stored in a different directory somewhere (that I couldn't find). Are these new trips now stored within some other file and not as the .trp files themselves.

One day Alk/CoPilot will pull their finger out and provide a proper method to copy in route/trip files. So many people have been asking for it and they've been promising it for years. Instead we get interface changes no-one asked for :-(

Anyone been able to figure out what CoPilot 10 is up to (on iOS)?

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