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Position list

Just saw a (maybe) strange thing : when importing a track, the field "Position list" ("Liste de points" in french) display something like "Position 1 to position nnn (Track)".
And, if track is saved, this field becomes "<name>Position 1 to Position nnn</name>".

No problem...

But, if the number of point is reduced (for example after applied Douglas-Peucker filter), this field remain the same.

So, in particular, the track saved have a <name> field which is not correct, but reused like that by other softwares.

Normal ? May be better is it reflects the exact number of points ?

Best regards,

I assume you use the *.gpx file format.

Open the file with a editor and you'll see something like this:


You simply see the text between <name> and </name> tags.
This text is not changed when you change the number of waypoints.

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