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RouteConverter and elevation lines
I'm sorry, I am a new member and I cannot find anywhere how to make a new thread, the instructions I read and the buttons I don't see anywhere for posting a new thread. So I have no choice but to put it here in hopes the Admin will see it and help me. I used search also to see if there were existing threads with my question - but search came back with 0 results for "elevation" "contour" and the like.

Here is my issue: I found RouteConverter via this https://amazingromania.net/locus-map-app/   which led me to this https://www.openandromaps.org/en/downloads/europe which led me to RouteConverter because I want no part of the multitude of personal information demanded by the locus map app and so wanted to get at the same wonderful contour hiking maps on my computer. All was well with RouteConverter until I tried to apply the Elevate theme. I got Java error messages for the longest time, but then I downloaded and installed the .jar version, and with that, the elevate theme installed just fine...BUT NO CONTOUR ELEVATION LINES ON THE MAPS!!!  The very thing i wanted most is missing! Sad  You can see what it is like at the bottom part of this https://amazingromania.net/transluncani-...fagarasan/  Here is a closeup  https://www.alltrails.com/explore/map/mt...rer=gpsies  I like the maps I see on RouteConverter for Nadrag, Timis, Romania, and for Luncanii de Jos, Timis, Romania, but they do not have any contour lines to indicate the lay of the land (very important for planning hiking and biking correctly!!!!!). The name of the map theme that is to have the contours is Elevate, but when i apply that in RouteConverter, no contour lines appear! Help!
Hi - I created a new thread for your question.

Maybe this helps:

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