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save as option disapears

I am new to routeconverter, and have this question.

When I start RV at the bottom, just under "Save as:" there is the option
Save as route, track and waypoint list.

When I load a file (xxx.gdb to convert a mapsource route to kml 3) the option
Save as route, track and waypoint list disapears.

I would like to convert gdb to kml to load them in my becker Croco.

Thanks for any answer
Hi Plug,

the "Save as route, track and waypoint" appears if the source file contains one position list and the target format allows for more than one position list per file. It's intention is to make life easier for people who convert a route and don't know which type of position list is read by programs that they use after converting the original position list.

As .gdb and .kml are both formats that can carry more than one position list, the option is hidden and the data is transferred 1:1 without creating more data out of it.

I hope this helps as an explanation?
Hi Christan,
Thanks. I understand. Sitll I have problems when I load the .kml in the route map of my becker Z100 (crocodile) I don''t see the route.
Any suggestion to look at?

Gerard Val
This german thread about the Becker Z100 gives the following advice:
  1. save as Google Earth 4.2
  2. remove <document> and </document> with an text editor
  3. create the directory /igo8/content/userdata/route
  4. copy the file to the directory /igo8/content/userdata/route
I hope this helps? Please post your findings into this thread.

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