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RouteConverter now with map view
Version 1.7 from 08/02/07
  • offers a map view onto the positions of routes, tracks and waypoints
  • allows to directly edit the description of positions by double clicking into the position list
  • recognizes Tripmaster 1.4 and 1.8 tracks captured in 'itn' and 'gpx' formats more reliably
  • optimizes the behaviour when moving several positions to the top or the bottom of the position list by keeping the original order of the selected positions
  • fixes a bug which showed german window titles even though the language was english
  • fixes a bug which showed the wrong format name for formats that are based on GPSBabel
  • fixes a bug of the Google Maps format, where longitude and latitude were exchanged
  • fixes a bug of the BCR format, which wrote the descriptions of the first and last position such that the Motorrad Tourenplaner didn't recognize them

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