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There may be a bug in trying to open ASUSGo [IGO8] track files
(11.06.2009, 11:09)routeconverter Wrote: Now supporting even more functionality with context menus on the positions of the position table and the header of the position table.

But have a look at the changes on your own.

There may be a bug in trying to open ASUSGo [IGO8] track files. I keep getting a crash and the assumption that I am trying to open Tom Tom POI files. I've sent you some track files via email to let you see if you can get them to open.
Hi Robert,

thanks for trying this. Actually gpsbabel says this:

c:\Users\cpesch\Desktop>c:\Users\cpesch\AppData\Local\Temp\routeconverter\gpsbabel.exe -i igo8 -f track001.trk -o gpx -F track001.gpx
IGO8: Unexpected end of file (EOF)!

Is that file complete?
I've tried it with several tracks and I've sent you via email an RAR with over 100 tracks from my R300... and all of them are just as the ASUS R300 stores them in the track folder, in the save folder, in the navi folder, in the flash ram of my ASUS R300... and all of them have been converted to route files, which are the GPX files I end up using, successfully. It is possible that Nav'n Go has customized the version of IGO8 used as ASUSGo and changed the code for the track files, but since they are now providing the updates to the maps and software for the R300, I rather doubt it. Anyway, let me know what you find with all those additional tracks to work with.

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