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two feature requests
(30.06.2010, 09:39)routeconverter Wrote: It is possible but currently I'm limiting the number of positions that can form a route to 22 segments of 42 positions. Adding "show on map" checkbox means I have to divide this number by 2,3,4,5 for each route displayed.

Why not keep a grand total of segments and positions over all position lists and pop up a warning window if a route is added through the "display on map" check box which would bring the grand total over the limit? Then let the user first remove/reduce other routes before adding the new one.

I think that would be workable, for me at least.
(28.06.2010, 21:15)bekker Wrote:
(28.06.2010, 18:09)routeconverter Wrote: I think I understand the intention to preserve critical points when reducing a track but I have no idea how to realize it. For me, the Douglas-Peucker Algorithm works fine to reduce a track and afterwards I'm adding waypoints which I want to visit if they're missing.
I'm not asking for any kind of automation. I'm happy with the current tools for decimating a track into a route. Having the original route visible on the background would make it much easier to manually add points at certain critical locations to make sure that the decimated route matches the original track. Deviations are easily spotted if two different colored lines diverge.

You could use different position lists for this. Add the option to duplicate a position list. And add for each position list the check box option "show on map". Then you could start decimating one position list and keep the original position list visible as the reference.

What about:
1st suggestion: Having two position lists side by side and show both routes one in green one in blue or other color. The number of waypoints maybe reduced by any algorithm for sake of stability for display. Such you may reduce the right hand side list for example. If you need a certain waypoint you may copy it from the left hand side panel
2nd suggestion: mark all important points as mandatory and run an algorithm for reduction of the waypoints. Either make sure the algorithm keeps the mandatory waypoints or add them afterwards by inserting them in appropriate order

I'm focusing on the next release and the website changes and will come back to this later.

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