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Sorry - missed your last answer to my post. It does not help to unblock iembed.exe (which resides at a strange place in my profile ...)
kostermw Wrote:Sorry - missed your last answer to my post. It does not help to unblock iembed.exe

Does is help to unblock javaw.exe if you start RouteConverter.jar?

kostermw Wrote:(which resides at a strange place in my profile ...)

It's the folder for your temporary files.
Vista is not complaining about javaw.exe when RouteConverter is started. It does, however ask me if I want to unblock iembed.exe (which I now did several times)

Nevertheless, I have added javaw.exe (which resides in C:\Windows\System32) to the list of allowed programs; it does not help either.
c:\Windows\System32 is a strange place for javaw.exe. It should be something like c:\Program files\Java\Java 1.6.0_06\bin\javaw.exe
No there is not.

Can i test ieembed.exe via command line?
Yep, there's jre.6._03, _05 and _07 and each directory has a bin directory of its own with a javaw.exe. And it is also in the c:\Program files\Java directory. Tried putting the _07 version on the allowed list, but it was already there but refers to the copy in the windwos programs directory (which is also jre1.6.0_07). I guess its being copied their by the system, and its included on the allow list automatically.
Grrzzz Wrote:Can i test ieembed.exe via command line?

No, but in the latest prereleases there is a "Test drag and drop" button in the middle tab.
You might want to test the 1.18 RouteConverter.exe version since then it is clear, that the connection has to be allowed from IeEmbed.exe to RouteConverter.exe

Why 1.18? The 1.19 has a stupid bug there... :-(
kostermw Wrote:The filter option is a miracle to use. Very smart. There's one thing I have a problem with, and that is repositioning (editing) points which were (most likely) incorrectly recorded, and are off-road. If I select a point I can move it to a new location. However, the line attached to it remains at it's position. Hence, the point is not realy moving, because when you click it again from the list, it is in the old position.

Are you planning to enhance functionality so you can move points?

Hello Christian and kostermw,

I noticed the same behaviour when I upgraded from version 1.19 to 1.20 this morning. And if you add a NEW routepoint this has the same behaviour. I've read through the discussion and would like to start with answering the questions of Christian. I am using XP SP3 with firewall disabled, but I have a hardware firewall in my LAN which is setup to allow ALL outgoing traffic. I'm also using Mc Afee Virusscan without firewall option. I created an exeption in Mc Afee 's "Unwanted Programms Policy" to exclude "IeEmbed.exe" and until now it looks like it's working again. Maybe this could be a solution for you too. Regards, Motorgekske.

Keep up the good work Christian.
Hello everybody,
I'm totally new to using RouteConverter but have the same issue.
Using Version 1.18 from the Link above didn't make any difference.

Environment: Vista Ultimate X64.
Testing on an XP machine (VMware) shows no problem - so external Router/FW isn't the problem's source.
Allowing IeEmbed everything in the internal FW (Norton) of my Vista system didn't make any difference.

The last post on this topic is some days old - any news?
Any help I may offer?


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