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trouble with Mac
(26.09.2016, 20:23)bvddobb Wrote: I can find any routeconverter.log file anywhere on my mac.... Can you be more specific as to where/how to find it than the current FAQ: "Mac OS X: search for the hidden RouteConverter.log somewhere below /tmp/".

No, I can't be more specific since for security reasons the JVM and/or Mac OS X try to make the path hard to predict. So you need to unhide the folders and find a file called RouteConverter.log - the upper case letters are important.

On the command line, that's something like

find /tmp/ -name RouteConverter.log
I have unhidden every hidden file and directory on my Mac: loads of log files, no routeconverter.log or anything like it.

But: installed MacOS update 10.12.1 just now, and lo: Routeconverter works again!  Big Grin
Great. Now don't change anything ;-)

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